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We are Cutting Edge Tech Agency From San Diego Area Serving And Incubating Emerging Technology Companies.

Atom Sage is a technology incubation Company. Besides assisting in all e-Business solution needs for companies big and small, we integrate and cultivate high tech consumer electronic products, mobile applications, and different types of emerging technologies creating new and exciting technology innovations.  

With our experienced management team, equity partnerships with other technology companies, and in house patented intellectual property, we are a company dedicated to the education, creation and delivery of these new technology innovations, to individual users, businesses and the world.

Creative People

Our expertise has allowed us to establish a tremendous clientele who trust us in making decisions and offering advice for smooth and efficient operation of their business.

Quality Work

Providing the most suitable solution to enhance, optimize and leverage the performance and productivity. We use tools and resources available in order to meet long/short term goals.

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Ideas are the cornerstone of business, Our team is very innovative and will nurture your idea and add wings to your Idea.
First Meeting
Our Meetings can be in-person, over the phone, video chat, or tele-conferencing to meet your variety of needs.
This is a critical process, we will use the idea as a base, and utilize the market knowledge, technical expertise and creative juices from both AS team as well as yours to continue solidifying the idea.
This marks a stage where the customer will have a tangible product to see, look/feel and experience and refine a lot more and experience how the product or app works.
Our AS Creative designers will use the tools, controls and their aesthetically pleasing visually stimulating graphical elements to make the user experience enjoyable.
AS team of developers will integrate and combine the ideas, design and develop the product with the state of the art tools and adhering to strict coding standards.

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